Question: How long does it take before my order from Thor Targets will ship?

Answer: Most of the time new orders ship the same day, some orders can take up to 2-3 business days.

Question: Can I get a custom sized target from Thor Targets?

Answer: Yes. Please contact us to discuss the creation of your custom sized or shaped targets. We really can cut anything…there have been Bigfoot and Unicorn requests in the past!

Question: What type of steel are Thor Targets made from?

Answer: The targets are made from an armor grade steel that is similar to AR-500, but has a higher Brinell strength.

Question: What calibers are Thor Targets rated for?

Answer: All 3/8” targets are rated for all calibers up to 3,000 feet per second at the point of impact.

Question: Does Thor Targets offer a warranty?

Answer: Only the actual steel target has a limited lifetime warranty. Conditional to target being shot with calibers going slower than 3,000 feet per second at the point of impact. Conditional to being shot from the safe distance of 100 yards with rifles and 25 yards with pistols.

Question: What is the thickness of Thor Targets?

Answer: The thickness of targets are 3/8″ (3/8 inch) with the exception of the 22 caliber ONLY Dueling Tree paddles which are ¼” (1/4 inch).

Question: Can you shoot Thor Targets with armor piercing ammo?

Answer: Yes, however shooting the targets with armor piercing ammo this voids the warranty.

Question: What is the safe distance to shoot Thor Targets?

Answer: The safe distance to shoot steel targets with a rifle is 100 yards. The safe distance to shoot steel targets with a pistol is 25 yards.